Collin Griffin (神戸薬科大学)

Reading for Fluency:

  A Case for Development of Reading Fluency in EFL

Introduction から

In many EFL programs the main objective is to give learners communicative competence; as a result it is almmost standard to minimize activities and materials that develop reading skills. There are claims by learners and educators that learning to read and learning to communicate orally are unrelated areas of language skill. It is easy and common to regard reading skills as nonessential for developing communicative ability. The idea and principle being that oral exchange is precisely what is meant by 'communicative' therefore oral exchange should be the emphasis of materials and activities. Communicative approaches and methods have now become wide spread in EFL, and efforts in reading fluency have been in state of decline for at least a decade. Recently .......

(Libra  vol. 5, pp. 85-95   2003)

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